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Euro Cars

Euro Cars Specialist

Euro cars specialist from Care to you Melbourne and Geelong, we know them very well. From a basic service, to diagnosis or repairs. We can tailor a service to your vehicle’s needs. See some of the brands below that we believe in.

Audi Service

Audi is one of the top luxury vehicle manufacturers in the world. We have dedicated mechanics who go the extra mile to offer the highest quality service and exceed your expectations. Whether it is an oil change or a major repair, we can provide top-notch Audi service for any model.

BMW Service

We are a BMW & Mini specialist. When you have BMW trouble, we focus on keeping your vehicle running safely and efficiently. Our mechanics are committed to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and deliver personalised BMW service that they expect and deserve.

Mercedes- Benz Service

Mercedes Benz is synonymous with quality, luxury, and performance. Being one of the most luxurious automotive brands, it continues to set high standards in terms of automotive excellence. If you experience any problem with your Mercedes, let us come to you and help you with your vehicle.


We all know that Volkswagen is all about long life, safety, and performance. If you want to maintain the performance of your vehicle for years, you must adhere to manufacturer recommended service schedule. Our mechanics’ service Volkswagen vehicles of all makes & models including, New Polo, Golf, Passat, Arteon, Amarok, Golf Wagon, Tiguan and so forth.

Mini Service

Mini is a lifestyle brand, combined with excellent handling and feel good vibe. Being BMW owned, we can assure you your Mini is in good hands since we are a BMW & Mini specialist.

Skoda Service

We are also very familiar with Skodas. They are owned by Volkswagen. and we also know these cars very well. This means that they share many parts, engines and platforms amongst them so you can be sure your Skoda is in good hands.

The Brands We Trust And Believe In