We supply and install dash cameras that suit your budget within Melbourne. We can come to you onsite and do the installation without disturbing your daily plan schedule.

Dash cameras are a great addition to your vehicle. They have become an essential part of driving for many in more recent years. It is an added safety for you and your family.

Car Care To You Mobile Mechanics Mobile Dash Camera Installations Melbourne and Geelong

Dash cameras are like a CCTV for your car. They record every driving trip and can also sense movement when your car is parked overnight and will record activity. Their inbuilt GPS can give you the exact location, speed, time and date of each journey. Footage may be used for evidence to Police or for your insurance company. Their ease of use and along with WiFi connectivity, you can connect your dash cam to a smart phone app or even an SD memory card if you wish.

Whether it is for capturing your driving adventure or for peace of mind, dash cameras are a great back up for your safety. There are many brands and models to choose from and we can supply and install tailored to your budget or we can install the one you source.

installation prices start from $225 for a front and rear hardwired installation. If you have any questions or you would like a quick quote please contact us here for further details here or call us 0411 061 337.